Insuresilience Solutions Fund
Our Team

Annette Detken

Head of ISF Management; Climate Risk Analysis Lead

Phone: +49(69) 154 008 620
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Eugen Doce

Co-Head ISF Management; Account Manager; Contracts and Compliance

Phone: +49(69) 154 008 696
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Olga Mursajew

Climate Risk Insurance Expert

Phone: +49(69) 154 008 697
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Arun Rana

Climate Risk Analysis Scientific Research & Modelling

Phone: +49(69) 154 008 688
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Simon Wild

Climate Risk Analysis Scientific Research & Modelling

Phone: +49(69) 154008 863
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Lena Laux

Climate Risk Analysis - Project Manager

Phone: +49(69) 154 008 672
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Renuka Srinivasan

Climate Risk Analysis - Project Coordinator

Phone: +49 69 154008 711
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Laura Schaefer

Applicant's contact point; Insurance Project's Management; Contract Management

Phone: +49(69) 154 008 690
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Focus areas

The InsuResilience Solutions Fund seeks to increase the resilience and capacity of developing and emerging countries to adapt to climate change by:
  1. Supporting comprehensive climate risk analysis as the basis for governments, businesses and households to become more proactive in risk management and to make informed decisions on climate risk management and adaptation strategies.
  2. Offering studies and advice for the development of new concepts for climate risk insurance solutions that take into account the specific needs of the poor and vulnerable populations and
  3. Co-funding the development and market introduction of insurance products, as well as supporting the expansion of existing innovative climate risk insurance products.
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