Insuresilience Solutions Fund

Catalysing Partnership and Collaboration

The ISF will only provide financing to partnerships which consist of at least

  • a user, representing the demand-side (e.g. national or regional government bodies, NGOs, local insurers) and
  • an implementing partner and potential risk taker, representing the supply-side (e.g. reinsurance company).

Further parties, e.g. other product implementing partners such as risk modelling agencies, insurers, brokers, can additionally be involved.

By exclusively promoting partnerships, the ISF incentivises cooperation between diverse actors from different sectors (public and private entities, NGOs and humanitarian organisations).

For inquiries please contact:

Focus areas and terms of funding

ISF has three focus areas:
  1. Development of new climate risk insurance products, especially for governments.
  2. Scale-up of already existing, piloted products, e.g. into other regions or to other groups.
  3. Investment in technological solutions to improve and scale-up insurance operations, e.g. through applying satellite technology or drones.

ISF provides grants up to 2.5m EUR under the condition that the partnership commits a meaningful own contribution of 50% of the requested funding1 in kind and/or as financial contribution.

1 Lower rates may apply if state organizations/ public entities or none profit organizations provide the most part of the contribution.
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