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Transforming strategies into insurance products Improving resilience to climate change
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The 5th Call for Proposals is open now until Friday, 16 April 2021, 23:59 CET.

You are planning to develop a climate risk insurance project and look for financial support?
Apply now for ISF co-funding of product development costs!

In light of the ongoing pandemic, holistic approaches on disaster relief and preparedness are more vital than ever. Therefore, the ISF especially welcomes concepts for insurance products for target groups highly affected by the pandemic, e.g.

  • governments and communities
  • (M)SMEs
  • poor and vulnerable households

in order to prove additional funding for measures such as

  • emergency relief
  • business interruption
  • food security
  • public buildings and critical infrastructure

mitigating the effects of compound risks due to climate change such as flood, wind/storm, excess rain, drought/heat waves, cold spells (in combination with other perils).

Please download the mandatory Concept Note, and submit your project concept to the ISF via

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via

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InsuResilience Solutions Fund

The InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF) promotes the development of innovative and sustainable climate risk insurance products in developing and emerging countries, to improve the resilience of poor and vulnerable households against the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

Call for Proposals

Transforming strategies into insurance products

The ISF provides grant-based co-funding of up to 2.5m EUR and advice to partnerships between (local) public entities (e.g. national or regional government bodies), private companies in the insurance sector and NGOs to

  • transform new climate risk insurance concepts into products ready for market placement
  • bring successfully piloted climate risk insurance products to scale.

Latest News & Upcoming Events

Introducing insurance for flood prone communities in Nepal

A new partnership, co-funded by the InsuResilience Solutions Fund, aims to introduce a risk transfer mechanism to protect climate vulnerable smallholder farmers and marginalised people in Western Nepal against flood.

InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF), managed by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and funded by KfW Development Bank, has signed a grant funding agreement supporting the development of a flood insurance scheme…

Development of a natural disaster risk insurance scheme for Nagaland

Nagaland is the first Indian State to opt for insurance to increase the financial capacities of its State Disaster Response Fund. A partnership co-funded by the InsuResilience Solutions Fund kicks off a public-private partnership project strengthening the state’s climate resilience by enhancing its insurance protection against natural catastrophes.

InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF), managed by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and funded by KfW Development Bank, today announced the signing of a grant agreement supporting the development of an insurance…

Launch: InsuResilience Solutions Fund Annual Report 2020

The InsuResilience Solutions Fund’s Annual Report 2020 highlights the activities and engagements of ISF in the past year and shares the progress that the Fund has made in strengthening climate-risk management and i…

Focus areas

The InsuResilience Solutions Fund seeks to increase the resilience and capacity of developing and emerging countries to adapt to climate change by:
  1. Supporting comprehensive climate risk analysis as the basis for governments, businesses and households to become more proactive in risk management and to make informed decisions on climate risk management and adaptation strategies.
  2. Offering studies and advice for the development of new concepts for climate risk insurance solutions that take into account the specific needs of the poor and vulnerable populations and
  3. Co-funding the development and market introduction of insurance products, as well as supporting the expansion of existing innovative climate risk insurance products.
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