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Transforming strategies into insurance products Improving resilience to climate change
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Looking for support to transform your concept into a climate risk insurance product?
Submit your Concept Note and apply for funding now! The submission deadline for the 4th Call for Proposals is 29/01/2021, 23:59 CET.

Please note, the 4th Call for Proposals has a geographical focus on countries in Asia and the Pacific, Africa and Latin America which are eligible to receive official development assistance (ODA) and are vulnerable to extreme weather events.
In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a holistic approach on disaster relief and preparedness seems more vital than ever in order to compensate (in-)direct effects on economic development and growth of ODA countries. Thus, the ISF especially welcomes project concepts targeting the sectors most vulnerable to effects of the pandemic, such as critical infrastructure, emergency relief and financial support of (M)SMEs.
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InsuResilience Solutions Fund

The InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF) promotes the development of innovative and sustainable climate risk insurance products in developing and emerging countries, to improve the resilience of poor and vulnerable households against the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

Call for Proposals

Transforming strategies into insurance products

The ISF provides grant-based co-funding of up to 2.5m EUR and advice to partnerships between (local) public entities (e.g. national or regional government bodies), private companies in the insurance sector and NGOs to

  • transform new climate risk insurance concepts into products ready for market placement
  • bring successfully piloted climate risk insurance products to scale
  • improve and scale up insurance operations with technological solutions, e.g. through satellite technology.

Latest News & Upcoming Events

Development of a new insurance programme for public schools in Peru

A landmark PPP project for Peru kicks off to provide insurance for public schools against the impact of natural disasters, strengthening the country’s resilience.

(Frankfurt, Lima, London) Peru is exposed to a variety of natural hazards, including earthquakes, tsunamis and heavy rains that lead to devastating floods and landslides. The 2017 El Niño Costero flooding in Peru was …

Climate risk insurance gets a major boost in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s smallholders face huge weather risks. A new international partnership aims to provide suitable insurance. This should greatly increase farmers’ resilience to climate change.

(Frankfurt, Basel, Dhaka) Bangladesh is one of the world’s countries likely to be most affected by climate change. As Cyclone Amphan recently demonstrated, the country’s subtropical monsoon climate leaves it highly sus…

Historic First in Nagaland, India

Insurance Protection Against Natural Catastrophes & Disaster Risks through Parametric Insurance

In May 2020 the Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited and Swiss Re as its reinsurance partner, to provide insurance…

Focus areas and terms of funding

ISF has three focus areas:
  1. Development of new climate risk insurance products, especially for governments.
  2. Scale-up of already existing, piloted products, e.g. into other regions or to other groups.
  3. Investment in technological solutions to improve and scale-up insurance operations, e.g. through applying satellite technology or drones.

ISF provides grants up to 2.5m EUR under the condition that the partnership commits a meaningful own contribution of 50% of the requested funding1 in kind and/or as financial contribution.

1 Lower rates may apply if state organizations/ public entities or none profit organizations provide the most part of the contribution.
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