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Transforming strategies into insurance products Improving resilience to climate change
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The 8th Call for Proposals is open until Friday, 20 January 2023, 23:59 CEST!

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Register here for one of the Q&A sessions to learn more about the ISF, the eligibility criteria and application process on 15 and 16 December 2022.

For more information on requirements for non-agri as well as additional criteria for agricultural insurane projects, please go here.

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InsuResilience Solutions Fund

The InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF) promotes the development of innovative and sustainable climate risk insurance products in developing and emerging countries, to improve the resilience of poor and vulnerable households against the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

Call for Proposals

Transforming strategies into insurance products

The ISF provides grant-based co-funding of up to EUR 2.5m and advice to partnerships between (local) public entities (e.g. national or regional government bodies), private companies in the insurance sector and NGOs to

  • transform new climate risk insurance concepts into products ready for market placement
  • bring successfully piloted climate risk insurance products to scale.

Latest News & Upcoming Events

PRESS RELEASE | COP27: Global Risk Modelling Alliance (GRMA) Selected as Key Resource for the Global Shield Initiative; further EUR 10 million funding provided; Pakistan Announced as first Pathfinder Country

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The Global Risk Modelling Alliance (GRMA), a joint public-private technical assistance programme with a mission to address the global imbalance in access to climate and disaster risk information, announces today a…

Flood risk cover for Lagos State in Nigeria

Frankfurt / Lagos

As a consequence of Climate change, flood risk is increasing in Lagos State, the main driver of economic growth in Nigeria, leading to major damage to buildings, houses, and critical infrastructure and leaving families…

Livelihood Protection for Rural Communities in Colombia

Frankfurt / Bogotá

Historically, natural disaster events have affected the agricultural sector of Colombia, a larger contributor to the economy with 6.1% of the GDP and 16.3% of the total employment. Expected temperature increase in…

Focus areas

The InsuResilience Solutions Fund seeks to increase the resilience and capacity of developing and emerging countries to adapt to climate change by:
  1. Supporting comprehensive climate risk analysis as the basis for governments, businesses and households to become more proactive in risk management and to make informed decisions on climate risk management and adaptation strategies.
  2. Offering studies and advice for the development of new concepts for climate risk insurance solutions that take into account the specific needs of the poor and vulnerable populations and
  3. Co-funding the development and market introduction of insurance products, as well as supporting the expansion of existing innovative climate risk insurance products.
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